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Real or Fake? GoPro Captures Shark?

Real or Fake? GoPro Captures Shark?

A lot of people claim to see a shark in the water come towards them, however others capture it. Is this real or fake?

Great White Shark! Real or Fake Clip?

Image Credit: Jsegalexplore

Real or Fake? GoPro Captures Shark?

Sharks are a massive part of the internet. Megalodons to be exact.

Not a lot of people just talk about how great the great white sharks really are. They are the number one predator in the waters.

A lot of people and experts admire these creatures, others hate them and refuse to go into the sea knowing they are there.

Others see a sign and jump into the water anyway.

This clip on TikTok claims to show a real life man jumping into the water with a shark coming towards him.

Is this clip of a shark real or fake?


@kal_el_of_krypton0 #shark #jaws #fyp #fypシ #scary ♬ Jaws Main Theme (From “Jaws”) – Geek Music

This clip claims to show a man entering a “shark infested waters” and seeing a shark up close by the boats.

There is a lot wrong with this clip, however this looks real, there isn’t much that can be said about the shark and the shocked reaction to seeing the shark.

Other than this, this doesn’t look right for a number of reasons.

The shark seemingly comes out of no where, now great whites are known to be very silent and hard to track, however this seems edited.

Boats around the harbour seemingly disappear when they go underwater which is strange to, however this could be due to a different area perhaps.

The shark is seen in one shot and then comes back but seemingly disappears from the first spot. Editing could have been used.

Real or Fake?

This video that claims a man caught this shark on camera is in fact another fake.

In other words, this clip has been edited twice and once in another video. The shark is edited in and the mans reaction is real but fake at the same time.

Will there ever be a real video like this!

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