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Are Ghost Real?

Are Ghost Real?

Ghosts have been a mystery for a long time now, many people believe that ghosts are real, some think that they are fake, and others just don’t know and watch videos to determine if they are or are not real. This has been an ongoing investigation for some time now and some people still have their beliefs and doubts about the whole situation around the paranormal, however here are 5 clips that could be real about ghosts.

The video was made back in 2007 and shows two girls are just having the time of their lives enjoying the day and had some doubts that there was a ghost looking at them from a far, however they decided to record a small bit of video and managed to catch something weird looking at them from a far. They ran outside and noticed the figure watching them, however it disappeared and reappeared downstairs, seeming like it was chasing them… take a look and judge for yourself.

There isn’t much information about this video, however no one knows if its real or fake, due to the ghost being able to get up the stairs without any noise and move from upstairs to downstairs in seconds. There is a lot of editing that will have to go into this to make it fake, however this is one of the sightings that could prove ghosts are real.

On the 5th January 2019, a YouTuber by the name of GhostPanic Official, decided to call upon something called a Bunian? Some sort of evil spirit, however the language isn’t English, he is saying “Bunian, Eat me” to try and lure the creature of some sort towards him, however he managed to find something chasing him and runs off to his friends, no one knows if this is real or fake since the reaction is very weird, however its only up to you to judge.

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