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Teddy Bridgewater Spurns Starting Job to Stay at Saints

Somewhat surprisingly QB Teddy Bridgewater has decided to remain as backup to Drew Brees at the New Orleans Saints rather than potentially take the starting job in Miami. To be fair he would still have had to beat out Ryan Tannehill, however with all due respect that is a far easier task than unseating Brees who like fine wine just seems to be getting better with age.

Sadly this speaks volumes for the current situation at the Dolphins, who look like finishing bottom of the AFC East this year, and have holes all over the roster. Given that Bridgwater is only 26, and with a team who should be competing for the Super Bowl again this year may be picking up $7.25 million for carrying a clipboard around isn’t such a bad gig. He’s only on a one-year deal so he will be able to test the starting positions market again next season having had another year to learn from one of the maestros.

Teddy Bridgewater elects to remain backup to Drew Brees (pictured) for at least another season.
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This undoubtedly increases the chances that Miami will draft a quarterback early and who knows with the lack of buzz and season tickets to sell we may see them trading up from position 13 into the top 10 with Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins being the probable target.

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