The NFC West looks like being a tough division in 2019 with last years Super Bowl Finalists the Rams hoping to go one better, Seattle still have Russell Wilson, and the 49ers will hope to welcome back QB Jimmy Garappolo, who may or may not be a franchise QB. However, the most interest seems to be around the Cardinals who after a poor 2018 have loads of high draft picks and a quandary at QB.  Anyway, this is how the draft picks currently look.

Arizona Cardinals Total picks: 10.

» Round 1: No. 1 overall
» Round 2: No. 33
» Round 3: No. 65
» Round 4: No. 103
» Round 5: No. 139
» Round 6: Nos. 174, 179 (from Buccaneers)
» Round 7: Nos. 248, 249, 254

The Cardinals are well positioned in this year’s draft, as despite a flurry of free agency action they have kept hold of the first pick in rounds 1-3 and have extra picks in the 6th & 7th which could be used for a trade if they wanted to move back into round one. from 33. Although their biggest need is at OL the buzz is that they will ditch Josh Rosen and take Kyler Murray no one. This should add some extra draft capital which could be used to sort out their offence.  They have been quietly efficient in the Free Agency adding Marcus Gilbert  J.R. Sweezy. So even before they get stick into the draft they have stiffened that porous OL. The defence is better to thanks to adding Jordan Hicks and Terrell Suggs. They may be a bit better than expected in 2019. Shame Josh Rosen probably won’t be there to enjoy it.

Los Angeles Rams Total picks: 7.

» Round 1: No. 31 overall
» Round 3: Nos. 94, 99
» Round 4: No. 133
» Round 5: No. 169
» Round 6: No. 203
» Round 7: No. 251

The Rams were understandably quiet in Free Agency, given they are pretty well stacked at most positions. Re-signing Dante Fowler means getting an edge rusher early is less of a priority and adding Eric Weddle &  Clay Matthews will help on that side of the ball. Blake Bortles has been somewhat maligned and he is a solid back up at the QB position. Nothing splashy but it means they have the luxury of grabbing the best on the board when they pick at 31 or filling their only real need at CB. We have them taking CB Deandre Baker in our first mock.

San Francisco 49ers Total picks: 6.

» Round 1: No. 2 overall
» Round 2: No. 36
» Round 3: No. 67
» Round 4: No. 104
» Round 6: Nos. 176, 212

The 49ers only have 6 picks, but more importantly, they have pick 2 and given that everyone expects the Cardinals to go QB (a position they don’t need), they in effect control the first round. Do they take a stud edge rusher like Bosa or a top DL man or trade down? Decisions decisions. Their defence was not great last year and despite adding Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander it will need to get better if they are to compete in this division. We have them taking a DT in Quinnen Williams given the Dee Ford signing.

Seattle Seahawks Total picks: 4.

» Round 1: No. 21 overall
» Round 3: No. 84
» Round 4: No. 124
» Round 5: No. 159

Only four picks and plenty of needs – ouch. We think there is a good chance they trade out of the first round (again) given that they have focussed their Free Agency efforts on resigning their defensive playmakers. Getting Frank Clark back was a must and they even found time to give Russell Wilson a crumb of comfort by adding Mike Iupati to the less than stellar OL. Still, they did ok last year making the postseason and with a few less injuries they should be thereabouts again. If they stay in round one we think they will go backfield as they try to resurrect the Legion of Boom

So pre-draft we think that Arizona are the most improved teambut still might end up bottom while both the Rams and Seahawks will have post season aspirations. The 49ers season will likely hinge on wherter Jimmy G comes back and is the player everyone thinks he is.


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