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Has Andy Reid Got A Cunning Plan For The Chiefs Defense?

Has Andy Reid Got A Cunning Plan For The Chiefs Defense?

The Kansas City Chiefs were only a couple of defensive stops away from the Super Bowl last year and only lost in overtime despite giving up 524 yards of offence and allowing New England to dominate the clock. To be fair their defense was not good (to say the least) but did have some pieces to build around. So what does Andy Reid do – let a chunk of these veterans walk.

They have lost Dee Ford & Justin Houston who had 22 sacks between them and they have weakened an already suspect secondary by ditching Eric Berry & Seven Nelson, who is just coming off his best season with the team, which included four interceptions. OK, they have added a few bits to replace them but is Alex Okafor who had 4 sacks last year in 16 starts for the Saints & Damien Wilson who has had 2.5 sacks in 4 years at Dallas going to fill the Void? 

In the secondary, they have added Tylann Mathieu a decent Saftey but not cheap at $42 and no game changer, Bashaud Breelan who spent most of last season learning the Packers playbook & Dontae Johnson who missed practically all of 2018. We could be wrong but this doesn’t look like an upgrade and once again their season could rest on Patrick Mahomes arm. The good news for Chiefs fans is that they have four draft picks in rounds 1-3 and given it is a deep draft defensively it possibly makes sense for Andy Reid to stack that side of the ball with young talent.

Whatever it looks like there will be some shoot outs at Arowhead again this year which is great for the neutral

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