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AFC West Draft Position After Free Agency Week One

After the flurry of free agency last week the draft order has changed a little in the AFC West – although the Raiders still have plenty of ammo despite trading for Antonio Brown. This is probably the most competitive division in the NFL right now and the draft may make or break 2019 for some of these teams.

Denver Broncos

Record: 6-10 (.523)
Total picks: 8.

» Round 1: No. 10 overall
» Round 2: No. 41
» Round 3: No. 71
» Round 4: No. 125 (from Texans)
» Round 5: Nos. 148, 156 (from Vikings)
» Round 6: No. 182
» Round 7: No. 237 (from Texans)

Biggest needs: DB, TE, OL

This is a deep draft defence wise but only tow TEs really stand out as 1st round picks – If T.J. Hockinson is still around at 10 he may go here. Otherwise, it will probably be OL. With 8 picks a move up is always a possibility too.

Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 12-4 (.480)
Total picks: 8.

» Round 1: No. 29 overall
» Round 2: Nos. 61, 63 (from Rams)
» Round 3: No. 92
» Round 5: No. 167
» Round 6: Nos. 201, 214
» Round 7: No. 216 (from 49ers)

The Chiefs have lost a few players in Free Agency but with four picks in the top 100 they should be in well positioned to take the best available. They have enough on offence still to compete so we figure they will be picking defence with 3 of these top picks

Biggest needs: Edge, DB, 

Los Angeles Chargers

Record: 12-4 (.477)
Total picks: 7.

» Round 1: No. 28 overall
» Round 2: No. 60
» Round 3: No. 91
» Round 4: No. 130
» Round 5: No. 166
» Round 6: No. 200
» Round 7: No. 242

Biggest needs: OT, DT, S

The Chargers Super Bowl window with Rivers is closing but they should be contenders again this year. They will probably focus on protecting Philip Rivers before adding to their Defence.

Oakland Raiders

Record: 4-12 (.547)
Total picks: 8.

» Round 1: Nos. 4, 24 (from Bears), 27 (from Cowboys) overall
» Round 2: No. 35
» Round 4: No. 106
» Round 5: No. 140 (from Jets)
» Round 7: Nos. 218, 235 (from Seahawks)

Oakland or the soon to be the LA Raiders have had a busy time in FA and still have three (yes that’s not a typo) 1st round picks to play with plus pick 35 in round 2 so they are well placed to move up if they want to, but we expect them to play the board and see who falls to them. They may still be a season away from competing for the big one but they should be fun to watch unless Antonio Brown turns out to be a disruptive influence – which is always a possibility.

Biggest needs: Edge, LB, DB

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