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2021 NFL Season Teams Strength Of Schedule.

Below is the Strength of Schedule calculations for the 2021 NFL Season calculated using the previous season’s opponents’ final records.  Although with free agency and the draft things can change quickly it does at least show who looks like having the short straw.

This year the AFC & NFC North has the distinction of having the hardest schedules with all the teams appearing in the top 10. The Philadelphia Eagles have the easiest while reigning champions Tampa Bay rank 29. This is scary given they have all their starters back! Spare a thought for the Steelers though, as if being in the AFC North was not tough enough!


Pittsburgh Steelers 2021 NFL Season Toughest schedule

Image: Ken Durden

2021 NFL Season

Strength of Schedule descending


1 Pittsburgh Steelers .574


2 Baltimore Ravens .563


3 Chicago Bears .550


4 Green Bay Packers .542


5 Minnesota Vikings .531


T-6 Cincinnati Bengals .529


T-6 Detroit Lions .529


8 Las Vegas Raiders .526


9 Cleveland Browns .518


10 Los Angeles Rams .515


11 Joint Kansas City Chiefs .511


11 Joint Seattle Seahawks .511


13 Joint Tennessee Titans .507


13 Joint Cardinals .507


T-15 Washington Football Team .504


T-15 Houston Texans .504


17 Los Angeles Chargers .493


18 Jacksonville Jaguars .491


19 Joint San Francisco 49ers .489


T-19 The New York Jets .489


T-19 New England Patriots .489


22 The New Orleans Saints .483


T-23 Buffalo Bills .478


T-23 Indianapolis Colts .478


25 New York Giants .474


26 Carolina Panthers .472


T-27 Denver Broncos .471


T-27 Miami Dolphins .471


29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers .465


30 Atlanta Falcons .454


31 Dallas Cowboys .452


32 Philadelphia Eagles .430


Does this make any difference? Well in 2020 the four teams with the toughest path all missed the postseason, while four of the five with the easiest all made it. The eventual winners Tampa Bay had the joint 16th easiest which is right in the middle of the pack. Given they are bringing all their starters back and they have the 4th easiest this time maybe we should just hand them the Lombardy Trophy now!

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