2019 Quarterback Class – Is Kyler Murray Worth The No 1 Pick?

2019 Quarterback Class – Is Kyler Murray Worth The No 1 Pick?

Well, now the 2019 combine is behind us its time to have a look at the quarterback whose name is on everyone’s lips. The general consensus is that Kyler Murray is going no 1 now, and given the Jags have splashed the cash on Nick Foles a trade for him looks unlikely. So given that Arizona are doing nothing to stop the rumours re their QB future, it looks probable they will use that coveted no 1 pick to acquire him but should they?

Kyler Murray a three-year starter with Texas A&M and later Oklahoma is a tremendous athlete and is also already a Baseball 1st round draft pick (9th overall by the Oakland Athletics). He has suddenly shot to the top of the draft order, but we are not sure what this is based upon other than the Cardinals throwing John Rossen under the bus, based on his mediocre rookie season where he has played behind a porous offensive line and got no help from his defence; talk about knee jerk reaction. Take Arizona out of the equation and there is a good chance he slides, probably not out of the 1st round but well out of the top 10. What we do know is that he didn’t join in any of the main events at the combine and there are hugely differing opinions on his performance in the team interviews with Walter Footballs  Charlie Campbell writing:

“Murray interviewed well with teams at the combine”


while NFL Networks Charlie Casserly stated publicly:

“These were the worst comments I ever got on a high-rated quarterback and I’ve been doing this a long time. Leadership — not good. Study habits — not good. The board work — below not good. Not good at all in any of those areas, raising concerns about what this guy is going to do”.

So the question is as a GM with your job most likely on the line would you take a QB who you will have to build an offence around and hope you are not getting Jonny Manziel 2.0 or do you grab one of the game-changing edge rushers like Joey Bosa or Josh Allen or maybe trade down a bit and grab a stud OL man like Jonah Williams who might give Rossen a chance to show what he has got. The extra draft picks would sure come in handy too when you have a roster with more holes than a sieve. What’s the worst that can happen – well Rossen could stink again, but hey ho picking 1st again next year wouldn’t be so bad and the QB class of 2020 looks a lot stronger to boot.

Plus for Kyler Murray a year of running for your life is probably not the start any rookie wants – just ask Derek Carr whose promising career was stymied by becoming a sack test dummy when playing behind Houston’s then swing door offensive line.

Maybe its a huge smoke screen by the Cardinals who are hoping someone else has fallen in love with Murray, however, if Rossen is traded it’s a cert and it may well define the Cardinals next few seasons.





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