Suarez Sad About Liverpool Situation

As you may know, Liverpool were crowned premier league champions recently.

Suarez still scores a lot of goals, just as he did at Liverpool.

It was the first time in 30 years the club won the title in the first league of English football, and the news of the achievement is said to have saddened former LFC striker Luis Suarez.

He spoke about his sadness surrounding not winning the league with the reds back in 2014, and how he was sad Liverpool fans were mad at him for celebrating against his old club in the Champions league.

When speaking about his time at the club and barely missing out on the title, he said: “In the last year when I played there at Anfield I was so sad for the supporters.

“I know some Liverpool supporters were angry with me because I celebrated a goal against Liverpool here in Camp Nou [last season] and for that I am so sad.

“I accept that and I say that hopefully they understand my situation: we were playing at home and in the Champions League semi-final.

“I lived one of the best moments of my life there and I think the supporters didn’t forget how my attitude was in the Liverpool shirt.

“Now hopefully they are so happy with the Premier League trophy this year.”

Suarez has had a lot of success at Barcelona too, since making the move a few years ago. But he is still saddened about the fact he missed out on lifting the trophy himself during his time there.

Liverpool are around 20 points ahead of second place Manchester City – it’s not exactly been a close one title race this season.

The former red also spoke about how he is “delighted” for his friend and former team mate Jordan Henderson, who has captained Liverpool to success this season.

Speaking to Liverpool Online, he said:

“When I saw last year [him winning] the Champions League, I was so happy for him. Why? Because as some people know he had some problems with his dad and he had really good moments and some bad moments in Liverpool.

“When he lifted the trophy, the dream is done but this season I will be happy to see him lifting the Premier League trophy because he is a really good person.

“I speak sometimes with him and I said to him, ‘You have a really good chance this season’ and he is so excited.

“We watch some games when we can and we see that Jordan, he is the captain from the midfield. He speaks a lot and for his teammates this is so important, when they have confidence with the captain.

“For me, Jordan is one of the best captains in Liverpool’s history.”


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