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Liverpool Won the Premier League!

After 30 years of preparation, after 30 years of failing and falling down the league, Liverpool can finally say that they have won the Premier League trophy! What a great success for them and a great season for them as well! Gerrard would be proud right now! Everyone thought that Liverpool would slip near the end of the season but with Coronavirus stopping football, it was almost easy for Liverpool to win. Either the Premier League season was ended cause of the virus or they win it when it returned… They did it when the Premier League returned!

The way Liverpool won the League was by Chelsea beating Manchester City 2-1 last night, with Pulisic and Willian. Fernandinho got sent off near the end of the game making Chelsea win the game with a penalty. “I have no words, it’s unbelievable. It’s much more than I ever thought would be possible. Becoming champion with this club is absolutely incredible. I haven’t waited 30 years – I have been here for four and a half years – but it is quite an achievement, especially with the three-month break because nobody knew if we could go on. I know it is difficult for people in this moment but we could not hold back. We will enjoy this with our supporters when we can.” said the Liverpool manager Klopp.

30 years of waiting for this moment! One things for sure… Jordan Henderson will be getting a tattoo of the Premier League trophy and the date he won it! Like he did with the Champions League when Liverpool won that! What a win for Liverpool. Congratulations!

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