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Real Madrid to face Liverpool!

Real Madrid to face Liverpool!

The Champions League round of 16 is starting, Real Madrid will be facing Liverpool in the round of 16 rather than the Final of the Champions League!

Real Madrid to face Liverpool!

Current Champions of the Champions League will be going up against former Champions of the Champions League in the round of 16 rather than the final like last season.

Fourteen time winners, Real Madrid, faced off against Liverpool last year in the Champions League final and managed to win 1-0. With an 59th minute goal from Vinicius Junior.

No one expected this for Liverpool, however this will be one of the games in the round of 16.

Real Madrid v Liverpool

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The last-16 first legs will take place on 14-15 and 21-22 February, with the second legs on 7-8 and 14-15 March.

Full last-16 draw:

RB Leipzig v Manchester City

Club Bruges v Benfica

Liverpool v Real Madrid

AC Milan v Tottenham

Frankfurt v Napoli

Borussia Dortmund v Chelsea

Inter Milan v Porto

Paris St-Germain v Bayern Munich

The games are looking great and the chances of the teams from last season getting further is looking slim.

PSG v Bayern again, this will be a game to watch as Bayern are the ones that can beat PSG and ruin there chances of winning the Champions League again.

Manchester City could have an easy run through this if RB Leipzig don’t perform a miracle against them! They have been in incredible form recently.

Liverpool will be hoping to get revenge on Real Madrid after losing to them in the final last season. This could be the day Real Madrid don’t make it past the round of 16.

Without Mane, Liverpool will have to use everything to find a way to breakdown inform Real Madrid. On the other hand, Liverpool may be in great form after there win against Spurs!

Furthermore, Benzema will be in great form for this game and could prove why he is the current best player in the world.

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