World Cup 2022

France v Argentina: World Cup 2022 Final!

France v Argentina: World Cup 2022 Final!

The World Cup final is now here! The final 2 teams have been through many games to get here, some lost some along the way! France will take on Argentina in the World Cup final. 

After a long group stage for Argentina, and an easy group stage for France, there will be one winner of the World Cup.

France has previously won the World Cup and could be the first team since Brazil in 1958 and 1962 to win the World Cup twice in a row. Same as Italy in 1943 and 1938.

This is currently a battle between two teammates, Mbappe of PSG and Messi of PSG. Messi has not won a World Cup with Argentina as of yet and this could be the perfect send-off for an incredible player if he manages to win the World Cup.

Argentina will face France!

Image Credit: Rehan Rasheed

Mbappe on the other hand could become the youngest player to win 2 World Cups in a row and could make France have 3 World Cup titles.

The game will start on Sunday 18th December 2022. At 15:00 GMT. This game will be hard for both as both will be determined to win the game for their country.

This could be the last time Messi is in a World Cup, this will be a great opportunity for him and the rest of Argentina.

Who will win?

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