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England v France: Quarter Finals!

England v France: Quarter Finals!

England will be facing France in the quarter finals of the World Cup on Saturday the 10th of December. This game is going to be huge for both sides. 

England v France: World Cup

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Looking at this, a lot of fans of football will assume the score line and will assume that France will beat England due to them having a better side.

England have improved over the years, but have they improved enough for France?

So far, we have all seen that England are capable of making it to the final of the World Cup and Euros.

France on the other hand were the winners of the 2018 World Cup, meaning England are facing off against the former champions.

France have got some incredible players lined up for their game against England, the likes of;

  • Mbappe
    • One of the best players in the world right now.
  • Upamecano
    • A great defender and can be trouble for any attack.
  • Dembele
    • A great attacking player with pace and skills.
  •  Griezmann
    • A former world class player, however gaining his confidence back recently.

England on the other hand have some world class potential in their team such as;

  • Foden
    • A young talent that has proven himself in front of millions.
  • Rashford
    • Known as one of the best players in his prime and has regained form during this World Cup.
  • Harry Kane
    • One of the best strikers in the Premier League right now.
  • John Stones
    • Currently an issue for attackers.

This will be a game that everyone will want to watch.

France will be the favourites going into this contest, however England will turn on the heat as they want to prove they have what it takes to go to the final of the World Cup again.

Who will win this contest?

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