World Cup 2022

World Cup Upsets!

World Cup Upsets!

The World Cup group stages are almost done. All the teams are slowly going into the round of 16 and the games will begin after the last group stage match has happened!

The World Cup is coming to the final stretch. The games are almost over and we have seen almost the biggest upset in world football today!

Germany are now out of the world cup! This has come as a shock to the world as Germany were one of the teams everyone thought would go through to the round of 16!

World Cup

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Japan and Spain are going through to the round of 16! A great game for the Japan and a great time for all fans of football!

There is one issue with the Japan’s second goal in the Spain game. It is believed and proven that Japan’s second goal should not have counted as VAR did not see that the ball went out of play!

This has caused Germany to get knocked out of the world cup even though they beat Costa Rica, Japan and Spain are going through to the round of 16!

A great moment for everyone! Other than the German Players!

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