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The Resident! Season 2 Episode 4!

The Resident! Season 2 Episode 4!

About Time

This episode starts off with Conrad in an important meeting where a patient is trying to sue him as he is left crippled yet Conrad saved his life. His dad was with him to support him so he can protect in career.  We then get brought to a festival where Devon, Mina and Conrad were working to look after people and making sure there is no accidents.

Then there was a loud explosion causing them all to look out Conrad was quick to run out worried about Nic being hurt as people began to run away from the sound and people were being trampled on. Conrad get to Nic and the man was bleeding out heavily.

We are then get brought back to the room and then to the ER where they are rushing the man into get treatment. Many other get rushed in from the festival as well. Turns out the large explosion was the speaker blowing not a gun shot.

We then get brought to the OR where Dr Bell is doing a surgery on a very rich patient. Jessica give him some praise and there is Julian also watching the surgery. Then we get brought to a woman name Kit Surgery where is much more blood then someone is used too.

After there surgeries Kit and Dr Bell have a word about how on of the resident almost fainted in her OR and Dr Bell reminds her that Chastain is a teaching hospital. We then see Conrad looking after a patient the one who is trying to sue him. They find out that the man takes a lot of supplements.

We then get brought back to the present where the lawyer is asking Conrad how many people he treated that day and she tells him that he treated 20. She questions his ability too look after people.  Conrad comes back at her and tells her that normal and all in a days work form him naturally.

We then find out the patient had a massive bleed in his brain and he had to get rushed into surgery. Conrad admitted that he rushed to save life. Then we see Mina and Dr Austin talking to each other and she tell Austin that she is her own person and that she happy where she is.

Were then brought back to the meeting and Conrad admits he took a risk and he had to do it to save a life. If he didn’t do what he was suppose to do the patient would’ve died.

Marshal then make an offer to get his son off the hook, but also a threat and tells to him that he will go shake Conrad hand and apologies.


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