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Stranger Things! Season 1 Episode 4!

Stranger Things! Season 1 Episode 4!

Chapter Four: The Body

Introduction to the Episode

The episode start at night with the police checking Joyce apartment before Hopper explains to her how they found a body and that it was Will. She was determined it wasn’t Will. Hopper tries to speak about his daughter and Joyce explains it not the same thing and that she spoke to Will though the lights. He wasn’t fully convicted by her but he had to be nice.

We then see Johnathan crying listening to music, Joyce wanted to talk to him but then goes and grabs an Axe and stares at the wall where the Demogorgon came though. Then we get brought to the Wheelers household and it see the news about Will body and then you see El messing with the Radio and Mike get to hear Will which gives him hope that he was alive.

Main Part of the Episode

We come back to the morning where Joyce is sitting there asleep and Johnathan wakes her up to see Will. Mike then get’s the day off school. Then we see Hopper waiting on Joyce and Johnathan to see Will body. Jonathan has to step out because he couldn’t believe it. While Joyce asks questions about birthmark on the body.

Hopper and Johnathan end up talking about Joyce and Hopper is clearly being very caring towards Johnathan reminding him his mother is strong. Then Joyce burst out and tells people that the boy in her wasn’t her son.

Then we go to Nancy and Steve talking about how she went to his house looking for Barb. Steve was more worried about getting in trouble with his Parents than looking for Barb. Then we see Johnathan chasing his mother down and they end up fighting and she sounds like she on the brink of losing her sanity.

Now we see the boys and El, talking about how Will is still alive and that they talk about fetching her to school. We see Mike doing her make up while the boys find her an outfit and everything for her to seem more normal. We see El looking at herself in the mirror and she says she looks pretty.

Now were taken to the lab watching some men walk though and one of them getting ready to go into the upside down. He take the plunge as the portal almost seems like it growling. he then seems to climb though. Now we see Nancy in school looking out the window before getting pulled out of class. She talking to the police and explaining what she saw.

The boys enters the school and the teacher catches them and beings them to the assembly. Then we Nancy get brought home and watch her mother having a small argument before she storms off to her room. She pulls one of the torn up pictures that Johnathan took and see whatever she saw and Barb and she knew something truly bad had happen to her.

The assembly was still continuing and we see the boys who bully the group mocking his death and clearly upsets Mike. Mike calls out for Troy and talks to him and Mike lashes out and shoves him to the ground and El stop him with her mind and causes Troy to pee himself.

Now we see Johnathan trying to pick out as casket for Will when Nancy shows up to talk to him. She tells him what she saw and explains he didn’t have a face. This is when it clicks in Johnathan mind that his mother isn’t crazy.  Now we see Joyce blasting music trying to get Will to talk.

We brought to the boys and El trying to get in contact Will, we hear Will shouting for his mom. she sees him and she hears him and tells him to hide. Joyce ends up destroying a wall in her house. While the boys takes off with El.

We see Hopper break in to have a look a Will’s Body he decides to cut it open with his knife only to find out that it’s fake and it stuffed with stuffing. At that point he knew Joyce wasn’t lying and that the case wasn’t truly over.  We see a car pull up and it was Lonnie coming to see Joyce and he see’s the mess of the house.

The Review

This episode was simply a mind game it had so many twists and turns but still kept you engaged it was fantastic and everything just ran together smoothly. Can’t wait for the next episode it was simply amazing!!!


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