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KSI Apologises for using Racial Slur in a Recent Video!

KSI Apologises for using Racial Slur in a Recent Video!

The YouTube star turned pro boxer has recently put out an apology after it was shown that KSI used a racial slur in the video. 

The British Rapper says after the racial slur that was made on a Sidemen video, that he will be taking a small break from social media.

This is what the YouTube star had to say about the situation.

“There’s no excuse, no matter the circumstances, I shouldn’t have said it and I’m sorry,”.

“I’ve always said to my audience that they shouldn’t worship me or put me on a pedestal because I’m human.

“I’m not perfect, I’m gonna mess up in life, and lately I’ve been messing up a lot.”

After the incident, the video was taken off YouTube and since been deleted.

Image Credit: Tom Rose

One fan of the sidemen had to say this.

“The fact the incident was made light of on the show was wrong and compounded the hurt,”

“This word has so much hate and anger behind it,” Aisha, 21, tells Newsbeat.

“I feel like his younger audience don’t see anything wrong with it and that’s disgusting.

“The fact that he just said it so calmly and casually, with his friends just laughing about it, I just find it so disgusting how they saw nothing wrong with that word.

“And his apology, I just don’t think it’s genuine, either.”

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