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Resident Evil 8: Repairer

Resident Evil 8: Repairer

Combine a treasure into its complete form

The first chance you’ll have for this achievement is during the castle section it requires you to combine two pieces to create an eye ring which can be sold to Duke for 12000.

The first piece (the ring) that you need is found in the same room as the Pleasure statue (it’s in a draw to the right as you walk in the room) you go to this room for the story so it’s hard to miss and if you don’t collect the ring first you can just go back in later. Whatever you do don’t sell the ring on it’s own.

The last piece required is the Azure eye. which you’ll be able to get once you’ve slightly progressed with the story and have access to the iron Insignia key. Once you have the key go back down in to the dungeons and find the locked door you can now open (either back through the kitchens which is the fastest route to the locked door or you can follow the route you took the first time around) some enemies may have filled the area or still be lingering around so be careful.

Once you’ve found and opened the gate the puzzle is fairly straightforward there’s two alcoves in the “special chambers” one with a pipe bomb and the other with ammo use the pipe bomb to blow a hole in the slightly broken left wall (there’s a crystal fragment and box behind this wall too) and shoot the left most lantern in to the open flame so that it ignites and then you have to get the two lanterns to collide so shoot them so that they hit one and other.

Once this is done simple open the tomb and take the eye, then combine it with the Ring and the achievement is yours.

More treasure !

The 2nd chance you can also get another combination treasure in the village/second boss area this time it’s a doll the first part (Body) is located in a small shed next to the maestros collection treasure on the map (there is an enemy inside so be aware) the second part (head) is found in the Well (you get the well wheel as story progression) at the gardeners house just before the doll makers mansion (the gardeners house is inaccessible until you’ve completed the doll maker section)

3rd treasure: There is a third combination treasure you can also find is one of most valuable treasures you can cash among others. When combined it’s worth 50,000 and this item is “Dimitrescu’s Necklace” made of three parts
-Necklace with two holes
-pigeon blood ruby
-large pigeon blood ruby

-The necklace with two holes is found in the Well just behind the church in the main village(you’ll need to have the Well wheel)

>The next two pieces are accessible once you’ve got the Crank you acquire from the Moreau fight/area

-The pigeon blood ruby is found in “East Old Town” there’s a door round the back of the building you collected the shotgun from. It should have a couple chickens in there too. Once you’ve opened the door simply go up the ladder follow the path round and drop on to the roof on the roof there’s a box containing the Pigeon blood Ruby

The final piece “Large pigeon blood ruby” is a small boat ride away. You’ll need to go back to “Lone road” on the Map and down the right there’s a raised bridge lower it with your crank and jump in the boat heading straight you’ll have to drive for about 30 seconds but you’ll reach a short dock jump out and lower the other bridge found to the left of this new area. (this bridge now leads straight to the area you fall in to just after defeating Lady Dimitrescu. Run through the small house in front of you and activate the Well there’s no bucket this time just a ladder appears. Go down the ladder and you find a fairly simple puzzle room.
This room requires you to climb up the traps and you’ll find a button console press the top left and top right buttons and you should be able to cross the panels, push the cart on the other side out the way. Then push the cart on the newly raised panel off to the panel just beneath it. And now you can climb up and drop down in to the little room holding the final piece of this treasure and a fair few pieces of ammo.
Combine the pieces and go get rich

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