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Stranger Things! Season 1 Episode 2!

Stranger Things! Season 1 Episode 2!

Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly

Introduction to the Episode

This episode starts with Barb in the upside down place calling out for Nancy and see she the Demogorgon and she desperately trying to get out and run away from the creature we watch as Barb tries her best but them get pulled back down.

Main part of the Episode

We get brought to later on in the night where Nancy is putting clothes on after a special time with Steve. She leaves out the back and hears twigs cracking before sneaking back home and her mother was waiting. She was worried after everything that had been going on no wonder. She tires to reach out to Nancy saying she could talk to her.

The morning comes and were brought to Johnathan who hear his mother asking for Will to speak to her. He opens the door to Will room seeing all the light pulled in and her rocking back and forth.

Johnathan thinks she going crazy telling her it was the electricity, but she tries to explain herself which only leads for her to look more and more crazy. He asks her to get some sleep and tell her he going to make breakfast.

Now were brought to the small group of boys where Mike is talking about another search to find will with the help from El the other boys brought supplies. Lucas brought normal things where as Dustin just brought a load of food.

Then we see Nancy walking though the high school and Steve comes up to her and reassures her of her feelings making her very bashful. He showed he actually cared about her. She notices Barb not in school and is sad about it.

Then we see Hopper, who is talking to the guard and get him to let him in and take a look around the lab. Then we see El looking around Mike while no one is home and then she messing around with the Tv watching though the different shows when she begins to have a flashback about how she destroyed a coke can with her mind while scientist watch.

Now we see Joyce putting up Christmas lights so Will could talk to her she was determined, she then has to go buy more. Then Hopper doesn’t believe the lab when it came to showing the tapes as there wasn’t any rain on the clips.

Now we see Nancy sitting with Steve and she asks about Barb when his friends mock her and he tells them to knock it off. Now we see Johnathan sorting some photo before taking off. Then we see Mike mother Karen coming to Joyce house with food and to check in.

We are taken to El standing at the electrical wires waiting for Mike, Lucas and Dustin. She see a cat growling at her which triggers a flashback where she was asked to kill a cat and she couldn’t do that she was forced back to her small room and she lashes out killing the two men who took her there. Then she brought out of it by Mike and get told to hop on the back of her bike.

Nancy then goes back to where Barb parked her car and see it’s empty and then to where Steve pool was trying to find her. She ends up walking into the woods clearly worried when she see something that simply terrifies her causing her to run.

Then we see Joyce and the charismas lights going off, she follows them and she sits in crawl space and asks for Will to talk to her though the lights. She asks a series of question trying to find out where her boy was.  This is when she grabs some paint and paints the alphabet on the wall lining it up with the lights.

Nancy returns home and her mother tires to talk to her but she seems lost and scared and asks what the matter is. She tells her she thinks something terrible happen to Barb as she couldn’t find her.

We see Joyce finishing the alphabet and Will begins to talk to her, telling her he was right there and then tell her to run as the Demogorgon pushes though the wall.  Meanwhile the boy were chasing police cars and ambulances who stopped by a river. A boy being pulled from the River, it looks like Will.

The Review

This episode was a bundle of emotions watching how Joyce would frantically try her best to have connection with her lost sun and how the small group of boys tried there best to find there friend. The heart breaking moment at the end of the episode really got me when they pulled a young boy from the River what believed to Will. I want to watch the next episode already and figure out if that really is him!


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