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Spiderman: How to Introduce Miles Morales!

Spiderman: How to Introduce Miles Morales!

Spoilers for Spiderman: No Way Home, click away if you haven’t seen it yet!

Spiderman: No Way Home exceeded everyone’s expectations and even managed to become one of Marvels number 1 movies, with the return of all the old villains, return of the other two live action Spiderman’s and even a great storyline that leads to everyone forgetting who Peter Parker is and forget that Peter Parker is Spiderman! This could lead everything up nicely with the introduction of Miles Morales, who was in Spiderman: Homecoming on the phone with Donald Glovers character.

Deleted scene of Spiderman: Homecoming, Aaron Davis, Donald Glover, was on the phone with his nephew, who appears to have the name Miles. Therefore introducing Miles Morales, kind of. This was the introduction to him being in Spiderman, however not the one fans were looking for, as in the Comics, Miles Morales meets Peter Parker at FEAST, which is where Aunt May worked, however she will no longer appear in Spiderman as she died to the Green Goblin. So how would Miles now be introduced? This is my opinion. Below is the deleted scene that could of been used!

As Peter Parker starts his new life at his college and his new apartment, he meets Miles Morales while he’s on his college course and they quickly become best friends as Miles loves Spiderman! As time goes on, Miles try’s to stop some thief’s, just like in the game, but Spiderman stops him and tells him how to fight if he is not around. Therefore Miles wanting to know more and more, throughout whichever movie he comes into, we see Miles get bite by the same spider and turn into Spiderman as well as Peter Parker and he shows Peter and Peter says wow and that he’s also Spiderman!

Without Aunt May, it is hard to explain how he could be introduced into the MCU! How would you want Miles Morales to be introduced? For all things Spiderman, click here!

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