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Real or Fake? World’s Crowded Island?

Real or Fake? World’s Crowded Island?

The world has a lot of great things about it, waterfalls, unexplainable pieces of nature and even some incredible moments that can get caught on camera. Some stuff is amazing to look at and people think… Is this real? There are other things in the world that people think that is unbelievable there is no way this is real at all! Here is an image that some people don’t don’t if it is real or fake!

Image Credit: Google Maps

This image claims to show an island that looks to be compact with loads of houses. This suggests that this island is extremely populated with a load of people living in each house. Looks similar to what you may see in a movie about the olden times! This could be real, however from every single angle this looks fake as their shouldn’t be a chance of this being able to happen as this could make life harder for a lot of people. Some people don’t live that close together in the cities, never mind that close in general!

The image that claims to show an island full of houses and close confinement has been looked at many times and thought to be fake straight away… However, this is in fact real! This image shows what one island looks like in our world! Here is the link to the Google maps of it so you can see for yourself!

Banner and Image Credit: Ronnie Chua

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