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Real or Fake? Pterosaur spotted?

Real or Fake? Pterosaur spotted?

The world can be a weird a wacky place where not much could be going on and then bang… Something interesting happens. For some people it will be a random funny moment at work or at home with everyone, for others there’s a shocking discovery… like this person with this video below which claims to show a real dinosaur alive today! Now, Dinosaurs were extinct millions of years ago, so lets see if this is real or fake!

This video claims to show a real life Pterosaur spotted on camera and even telling the exact location of the flying creature too. Idaho, USA… could this be where some stuff are hiding from us all? The video seems real after looking at it and seeing the movements, until the creature turns his head… Making sure no one is coming after him by the looks of it but that one moment tells us if this is real of fake!

The video that claims to show a real life dinosaur caught on camera has been exanimated and has been said to be a fake! This could have been edited in to make it look real, however the moment and the type of day suggest this is a fake video! Another day, another fake!

Banner and Image Credit: Dirk Ercken

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