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Real or Fake? Man Holds Great White Shark?

Real or Fake? Man Holds Great White Shark?

The world is full of people trying to excel in everyday life, going the extra mile and showing everyone that they can do what ever they are needing to do to go viral across the internet. Some are dangerous and some are easy to do but fun to do, however some people take things to far and end up risking it all for a video and or picture. There was a picture not too long ago that showed a man holding what appeared to be a great white shark and as if he was about to slam him down on the sand? Strange to think that this could have happened!

Real or Fake Image of a Shark being lifted?

Image Credit: SPORF

This picture claims to show a man holding a great white shark. Now, looking at this questions a lot of things. The amount a great white can weigh, excels over what humans are able to lift in general. Some sharks can reach from 680 to 1800kg, which in it’s self is hard to lift. So seeing a man easily lifting a shark… it can’t be real!

This  picture that claims to show a man lifting a shark has been looked at and has been concluded to be… FAKE! This one was an easy one for many reasons.

  • The person is actually a famous wrestler.
    • The man in the photo is Brock Lesnar, he was told to do a skint where he would do his finishing move to a shark, however not a real shark, as you can see it looks off.
  • The weight of a regular shark.
    • If this shark was a male, they can weigh up to 680kg the least and for a female, it is anywhere between 1,500 to 2,300kg.

Here is the video that was created by Brock Lesnar.

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