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Real or Fake? Big Foot Found?

Real or Fake? Big Foot Found?

The world is extremely weird here and there. There are a lot of conspiracies about the world that has been around for so many years now, for example, Loch Ness Monster, since a photo was released, Big Foot, one of the longest and biggest conspiracies in the world, and the Megaladon, some videos that claim to be real and turn out to be fake, however, there has been more “proof” that Bigfoot has been found! At least his skeleton has been found anyway!

Image Credit: Bills Channel!

This picture claims to show a real-life skeleton of Bigfoot, this could be real, as it is found in the middle of what seems to be a forest and is very dirty and disgusting. There is a lot of theories behind this that could back up why this is real. Nothing like a human skull or any other animal skull, meaning this can only be a real skull.

This picture that claims to show a real-life Bigfoot skull has been looked at, again by Bills Channel, and has been deemed to be Fake. This is fake due to it being purchased from a website called Aliexpress and in a YouTube video by a YouTuber called Brave Wilderness! Another day, another fake!

Banner and Image Credit: tsuponk

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