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Real or Fake? The F74 Challenge?

Real or Fake? The F74 Challenge?

As the world grows, people grow with it, and then come new trends and new challenges that emerge from the ground as people continue to make them. TikTok is now the platform known for making these challenges happen and known for making all happen. TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to upload dances, trends, challenges, and gaming content with a lot more stuff too. Some challenges are fun and others are dangerous, however, this one is a strange one.

This challenge is said to be real, it is called the F74 challenge. Doing research into this challenge I found out that the meaning is Floor 74, this is when someone writes F74 on their wrists and according to some websites, it takes you to a parallel universe, now that may sound cool, but the next part is not! The aim is to survive and get back safely and if not successful… You die. Looking at it myself, I would assume FAKE. Let’s take more of a look though.

According to more research, this started off in China and became massive on TikTok with everyone typing F74 on their wrists and stating that if nothing has been posted within 12 hours… They are dead. A bit extreme, however some cases they do not post again. Whether they remove themselves from the account or something did happen we don’t know.

After the research is done and after an intensive investigation into the subject as this has been all over TikTok and more. The claims that this is a dangerous challenge are real. Wait no, sorry that was last time real or fake, this one is FAKE.

There has been no harm found and no one has been seen dead after taking part in this challenge, therefore, we have to say this is a massive “L”, short for lose, for those who did this challenge and say this is a fake!

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