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How I Would Produce Spiderman 4… Tom!

How I Would Produce Spiderman 4… Tom!

Spoilers from Spiderman: No Way Home! This is with Tom Holland’s Spiderman, as it’s looking like he will get a fourth movie! 

After both Tobey Mcguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman’s go back to their universe, it’s easy to tell that no one remembered Peter Parker. At the end of the movie we saw that not even MJ remembered Peter and with her and his best friend Ned going to the school of their choice, its only right that Peter left them alone to do what it was they were going to do, however, Peter now has his own suit and is in college… What Next? This is how I think it should go down in the MCU!

Peter Parker started his new life in the MCU in his new apartment and his new college of choice after the spell worked. He started going to his classes and started to make friends with someone called Harry Osborn. They become best friends and throughout College, Peter Parker kept his identity as Spiderman to a minimum. He would continue to help the police being Spiderman and continue to fight crime, however, he decided to go for a job at the Daily Bugle to get some extra cash for his apartment as he must pay his rent. Throughout the movie we see Ned turn into Hob Goblin and terrorize the streets. So Spiderman comes in to fight him. As Hob Goblin reveals himself, Spiderman remembers who it is and tries to tell him throughout the movie who he is and why he should stop. Like Spiderman tried in other movies. In the end, Spiderman beats Hob Goblin and meets Eddie Brook at the Daily Bugle. The end credit scene will be of Flash Thomson turning into Agent Venom after being hit with the Venom Symbiote after applying for the army.

This could go another way, however, with Gwen Stacy getting involved too.

Once he moves into his apartment and starts going to college, he meets Harry Osborn and starts noticing a girl called Gwen Stacy. He wants to start talking to Gwen but he keeps remembering what happened with MJ so he didn’t want anything bad to happen, however, another girl enters and her name is Felica Hardy. Not much is said about her but there is a new threat in the MCU, Scorpion. One of King Pins’s obstacles has tried to attack the city and tries to kill Spiderman, throughout the movie they have a few fights with Peter realizing he is too strong, however, he doesn’t give up. Throughout the movie, he meets Norman Osborn, the one that killed Aunt May but in his universe, however, he was trying to become major! He beats Scorpion and we see a scene where Venom is working his way towards Agent Flash as he signs up for the army at the beginning of the movie. Setting up not only a Venom vs Spiderman, also setting up the sinister 6!

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