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How I Would Produce Spiderman 4… Tobey!

How I Would Produce Spiderman 4… Tobey!

Only based on Tobey’s Spiderman. Spoilers from No Way Home!

With the success of No Way Home, Spiderman fans around the world will be hoping and praying that Sony and Marvel carry on the storyline from both Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman and Tobey Macguries Spiderman! The Amazing Spiderman 3 has already been covered… as well as the fourth Spiderman movie for Tom Holland… Click here for Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman movie and click here for Tom Hollands movie. This time, it’s Tobey’s Spiderman! So this is how I would produce Spiderman 4! This is just how I would produce it, not how Sam Rami would have… Just to me, this would be fun to see!

Before the events of No Way Home, the Oscorp building was bought by none other than King Pin, Peter Parker however was trying to better his relationship with Mary Jane Watson. It was hard to balance Spiderman, College, Daily Bugle, and his relationship, proving that it’s complicated. It was getting so much for Parker and then College was over… He had to get to graduation, however, there was a massive threat in the city… Rhyno appeared from out of nowhere and Peter abandoned the graduation and MJ to fight him! Comic accurate Rhyno! The fight wasn’t going as planned and there was showing no hope for Spiderman as he was running through the city! King Pin watched from Oscorp and smiled and said “poor Spiderman”.

Not long after… The scorpion appeared from out of nowhere to help Rhyno! 2 on 1… similar to how Venom and Sandman appeared in Spiderman 3. Both went to fight him and nearly beat the web-slinger. Mary Jane was furious at Peter since she didn’t understand why she was there and ultimately ended the relationship, however, she was picked by a scorpion to be the victim and Spiderman went to save her… Ultimately saving MJ and saving the city from the threats. The post-credit scene would show King Pin unleashing a new threat to the world but not fully showing the characters and another scene showing that Doc Ock never died in the river… Unleashing the possibility of No Way Home to happen and unleashing the sinister 6!

For me, this was the only way I could produce Spiderman 4. It’s not as good as Spiderman 4 Tom Holland or The Amazing Spiderman 3 in my opinion but I would 100% watch it. What would you want to see in Spiderman 4?

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