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How I Would Produce The Amazing Spiderman 3!

How I Would Produce The Amazing Spiderman 3!

Spiderman No Way Home Spoliers! Read at your own will! 

There have been rumors about The Amazing Spiderman 3 being made by Sony and Marvel after how the fans of Spiderman reacted to how he appeared in Spiderman: No Way Home and everyone was so excited and happy with his performance that they have demanded Andrew Garfield to return as Spiderman but in a different universe as No Way Home has a lot of different people from different universes. A lot of people have been wanting this, however, this is how I would produce The Amazing Spiderman 3.

After returning home from entering another universe to help Tom Hollands Spiderman in the MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and has a moment of what Tobey Mcguire said to him. He decides to continue being Spiderman and continue trying to find “his MJ”, but he gives up halfway through as he wasn’t able to continue due to the stress, however, he continues with small crimes. Throughout the movie, however, he sees on the news about a black alien-like creature terrorizing New York but was yet to find it. He manages to find him throughout and had a small fight with him and then realized that this is similar to what the other Spidermen has seen. Fought him and lost the first battle as Venom managed to escape. He applies for a job at the daily bugle with Eddie Brook. After joining the daily bugle with Eddie Brook, Venom says he looks tasty. He meets his MJ and this is when he realizes that great power comes with great responsibilities, however, Venom finds Peter Parker and they end up having a massive fight at the end of the movie, similar to The Amazing Spiderman 2 with electro, and ends with Spiderman beating Venom!

Maybe not the best storyline, but would be a nice link to Spiderman: No Way Home. Also another alternate one!

Finally managing to get to a universe where he thought it was his own, however, he quickly realized that he is not in his universe and there was no way to get back to his universe. Swinging around trying to find help but everyone seems to not know who he is, or how he comes about. Scaring all the public, he looked on the TV while walking through the streets of New York… There was a white Spiderwomen going around and he had no idea what was going on. Tried to find this Spiderwomen and see what she was doing and what was going on and maybe have help from her, this would bring the multiverse of Spidermen, meaning something similar to Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. Finds her and says he doesn’t know what is happening and he needs help, this Spiderwomen recognizes the voice but had a job to do, try and take down any villain that they so choose to pick. She ends up taking the mask off and saying “Peter? Is that you?” when Peter replies “Yes, I thought you died Gwen? I didn’t save you?” Gwen replied “No, I didn’t save you” They end up fighting the villain together, and then comes the next movie called Spider-Gwen!

Again not the best storyline but something similar could be great? How would you like to see them produce The Amazing Spiderman 3? If they do end up making it?

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