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FIFA 22: EA Giving Back Verses Cards?

FIFA 22: EA Giving Back Verses Cards?

The most recent FIFA 22 promo was the verses promo that saw the likes of Gabrial Jesus get a massive stat upgrade, however, he had two cards, one with two stats boosted, and another with 2 different stats boosted, however, EA messed up the promo and a lot of people were confused about this and wondered why they packed normal gold cards instead of the promo cards. This issue has now been resolved and everyone will have been affected if they packed a gold version of the card during the Verses promo.

EA accidentally made it so no one could pack the promo cards and made it so everyone will have no players with the boosted stats, however, this has now been resolved and sorted. Due to this, a lot of players went to Twitter to complain about this and EA changed that and sorted everyone’s account with the promo cards, but only if you packed one of the promo players in packs. For example, if a player packed Jesus and Gomez, today they will have received a Verses card of who they packed, and tradeable.

This is great from EA Sports, so make sure you log onto FIFA 22 and check to see if you got a verses card! It’ll be in your unseen!

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