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Marvel’s Spiderman 2!

Marvel’s Spiderman 2!

3 months ago, the world was able to see the trailer for another possible game of the year once the game is released! Marvel’s Spiderman is now having a sequel and there has been trailers released for this incredible game. The game is set to be released in 2023, so everyone will have to wait another year until the release of this game but looking at the trailer… what will this game have in store for everyone?

The trailer has shown some new villains, some new combat moves, and Miles Morales helping Spiderman to beat villains, however, the main villain is Venom! Venom is set to appear in Spiderman 2 and will be the main talking point of this game and more than likely the main villain everyone will be trying to beat. The game will more than likely be released in the middle of 2023 and the reason being is so that everything could be perfect for all the fans, such as the web-swinging!

Banner and Editorial credit: Stefano Chiacchiarini / Shutterstock.com

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