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EA Sports to Replace New Player Picks!

EA Sports to Replace New Player Picks!

Recently, EA Sports added a new SBC, squad builder challenges, that allowed FIFA players were able to try and get another chance at getting an SBC player, for example Player of the Month Ronaldo and other players that may not have been accessible as the player may not have had any money… However now, this SBC costs 80k FIFA coins and they give the player a pick of 3 players that have been used in an SBC.

There has been an issue with this SBC however, some players may have received a player that shouldn’t of been involved in the SBC and for those who did, they will have another chance at this SBC and if they didn’t pick Edouard and or have him show, they will still receive another one. A lot of fans believe this is strange as they shouldn’t be giving some fans another one considering that some people may not have chosen Edouard so the question is why are they giving more out to those who just got him?

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