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Stardew Valley: Sam Biography

Stardew Valley: Sam Biography


Sam is a villager who lives in Pelican Town. He’s one of the twelve characters available to marry. He lives in the southern part of town, just north of the river at 1 Willow Lane.

Sam is an outgoing and energetic young man with a passion for music. He works part-time at JojaMart. Sam can often be found practicing his guitar in his bedroom sometimes with Sebastian. He’s also frequently seen outside of his house playing a handheld video game, or attempting skateboard tricks. On weekends he can be found playing pool at The Stardrop Saloon.

Heart Events

2 Heart Event

Enter Sam’s house when he’s there.

Sam and Sebastian are jamming out in Sam’s room. Sam tells you he’s trying to get a band together, but he’s unsure what style of music to play. He asks what music you like.

  • “Cheerful pop music.”
  • “Experimental noise rock.”
  • “Hi-Energy dance music.”
  • “Honky-tonky country music.”

No matter which style you pick, Sam says that’s the style he’s been thinking about for the band. He asks Sebastian if he’s on board too. Sebastian agrees and Sam thanks you.

Note that if you skip this cutscene, Sam’s 8-heart cutscene will not have any music playing.

Three Heart

In any season except winter, enter the beach on a sunny day between 7am and 3pm. This event only happens in Year 1.

Sam is watching his brother Vincent play in the sand. Sam says his dad used to take them to the beach on sunny days. Vincent asks if their father will come home. Sam says “Of course”. Vincent mentions overhearing people talk about mass military casualties. Sam tells him not to believe them, and Vincent returns to playing. Sam feels bad for getting his brother’s hopes up and asks for your opinion.

  • “It’s best to be honest with kids.”  Sam questions your thoughts, but then agrees that kids have to learn about the world one way or another.
  • “You did the right thing. Kids should have hope.” Sam agrees and says kids should hang on to their childhood as long as they can.

Sam tells you the band’s coming together, and Sebastian really wanted Abigail to be the drummer.

Four Heart

Enter Sam’s house when he’s there.

Sam is in the kitchen. He says hello. As he’s getting you a snack, he drops an egg on the kitchen floor. His mom hears the commotion, walks into the kitchen, and becomes upset about the mess. Sam asks you to tell her what happened.

  • “Sam dropped the snack as he was handing it to me.”
  • “Sam handed me the snack and then I dropped it.” Sam agrees with you.
  • “Sam dropped it on purpose. He thought it would be funny.” Jodi thanks you for being honest, and Sam insists he’ll clean up the mess.

Talking to Sam after this event causes him to say “Sorry about what happened earlier.”

Six Heart

On any day when it’s not raining, enter the town between noon and 4pm.

Sam is skateboarding and grinding on Emily and Haley’s flower box. Lewis catches him and scolds him for it. Lewis asks for your opinion.

  • “You’re right, sir. Sam should respect private property.”  Sam is unhappy, but obliges and says he’ll just not skateboard ever again.
  • “Don’t blame Sam. There’s nowhere else to ride!”  Sam seems happy and agrees. Mayor Lewis becomes frustrated and states that he thought you were more mature than that but afterwards apologizes to Sam and asks him to be more careful in the future.
  • “I’m staying out of this.”  Mayor Lewis says he doesn’t want to see Sam doing it again, Sam agrees and the Mayor leaves. Then Sam turns to you and, with a smile, asks if you saw his rad trick.

Eight Heart

Sam invites you to see his band play in the city and asks to meet at the bus stop at 4pm. Enter the Bus Stop map between 4PM and 7PM to meet Sam and the others, and watch them play. He thanks you for inspiring his band with the type of music they should play. This heart event does not require the bus to be repaired.

Note that if you have skipped Sam’s 2-heart cutscene, no music will play during this heart event.

Additionally, no time will have passed during the heart scene (unlike festivals, which always end the day), so if the Bus Stop map is entered at 4PM, you will return at 4PM as well.

Ten Hearts

After receiving a letter from Sam, enter the town on a sunny day between 8pm and midnight.

You meet Sam outside his house. He says it’s cold outside and sneaks you into his room to talk privately. As he admits he’s falling for you, his mom knocks on the door. He has you hide in the bed. His mom comes in and asks why he’s sweating and red in the face, and Sam says he’s just been doing push ups. She wishes him good night and leaves.

You are presented with the option to:

  • Get out of the bed.
    • Move Closer. You return Sam’s affections, and the two of you share a kiss.
    • Head for the window. You reject Sam’s advances.
  • Stay put.  Sam crawls into bed with you, kisses you, and says “I knew there was something special between us.”

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