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Best Formation in FIFA 22?

Best Formation in FIFA 22?

For a lot of us players, we struggle to find the best possible formation for our teams and the best play style for our teams. With FIFA 22 being unpredictable this year, with the number of new features and new ways to score, it’s hard to find the right balance and the right way to play, however, this formation is amazing up and down the pitch, with one major problem, however, this doesn’t affect the player as much as you may think!

The Formation is 4231, the one with the three Center Attacking Midfielders and two Center Defensive Midfielders! This formation is amazing, with the right team, right tactics, and right play style, this team could be unstoppable.

Picture from Futwiz.com

The best part about this formation is that you can have 4 players attacking and 6 players defending… maybe 6 players attacking and 6 players defending if the players have pace and great defending at the same time. The tactics are as followed below!

Image from FIFA app

All player instructions are below!

Striker – Everything normal but get in behind
All CAMs –  Come back on defense and get into the box for crosses, everything else balanced
One CDM – Stay back while attacking and cut passing lane
Other CDM – On balanced and cut passing lane
Both Full Backs – Stay back while attacking with Overlap

The only issue is, sometimes the CDMs will come too far forward, as well as the full-backs, leaving only 2 defenders, however, normally there is only one attacker versus 2 defenders so pretty easy to defend against.

This formation will get you some wins, you could do this with any team if you have 4 attackers and 2 defensive midfielders! Try it out!

Banner and Editorial credit: Stefano Chiacchiarini / Shutterstock.com


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