West Ham Defender Pleads Guilty to Kicking his Cat!

West Ham Defender Pleads Guilty to Kicking his Cat!

West Ham star and French defender Kurt Zouma has recently said that he pleaded guilty to kicking and slapping his pet cat in a recent YouTube video that was uploaded, however, there is another video posted of Kurt Zouma!

The 27-year-old defender pleaded guilty after a video was posted of him kicking and slapping a cat. The video was posted by his brother Yoan, however, he has admitted to two offenses under the Animal Welfare Act.

It is believed that Prosecutor Hazel Stevens can hear the defender say “I swear I’ll kill it, I swear I’ll kill it.”. Not great for his case against this.

“Kurt Zouma is determined to chastise or carry out some sort of retribution for the damage caused, Since this footage was put in the public domain there has been a spate of people hitting cats and posting it on various social media sites.” said a spokesmen that saw the video!

Banner and Image Credit: Alicia Chelini

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