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Manchester City are Premier League Champions!

Manchester City are Premier League Champions!

Yesterday was the day that every single Manchester City fans and Liverpool fans were waiting for, the day the Premier League crowns their champions of the game! The games for both teams started at 16:00 GMT and the games were amazing to watch to say the least with some Liverpool fans having some fun with the crowd at some points.

Manchester City went up against Aston Villa, Steven Gerrard was the manager and Coutinho was their main man, however, they repeated history by messing up a 2-0 lead and conceding 3 goals in 5 minutes. What a game for Manchester City and a great way to win the Premier League by 1 point! The title race was won in great fashion.

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Liverpool went up against Wolves and had a small mess up within the first half but managed to break the deadlock later on in the game to make it 2-1 and won the game 3-1. Some Liverpool fans started a rumor throughout the game that Manchester City was drawing against Aston Villa and that started a massive moment where some fans thought Liverpool was going to be Premier League champions!

A great day for all Premier League fans from across the world and a great day for everyone in general. Manchester City has been crowned champions of England and Liverpool still has a chance to become champions of Europe!

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