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Jude Bellingham Worth £130 Million!

Jude Bellingham Worth £130 Million!

Youngsters nowadays are becoming better and better each year. With the top 3 best players being under the age of 24. Without the expectation of Benzema. Jude Bellingham has made a massive name for himself since moving to the German team Dortmund. 

Jude Bellingham Worth £130 Million!

The 19 year old Englishmen has been in top form since the beginning of his time at Dortmund.

Dortmund on the other hand, think highly of the young Englishmen and has since had faith in the young player due to how well his performance is in the league.

Recently, Borussia Dortmund has demanded a Premier League record fee of £130 million for the English born midfielder. This has came after the young midfielder attracted the eyes of Chelsea and Manchester United.

Jude could be the future of English football as he keeps on progressing through the rankings and beyond everyone’s expectations.


Image Credit: Vitalii Vitleo

Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool will more than likely be fighting to try and sign the young midfielder as he will be highly rated by many managers and many different coaches.

The youngster will more than likely feature in the England squad going into the World Cup as he has been in incredible form the past few years and could even be in the starting 11.

This could be his chance to show the world how good of a player he is.

Is Bellingham the Future of English Football?

Football nowadays is about young prospects after the likes of Mbappe, Haaland and even Bellingham proving that young players can perform at the highest rank.

Furthermore, Mbappe has made headlines for being one of the best young players to come from an academy. Same could be said with Haaland, however the price tags are huge. Are they too big for young players?

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