Champions League

Champions League Results!

Champions League Results!

The Champions League group stages are finally over, each team has given it their all. Everything is ready, the round of 16 is finally happening with all the teams ready to compete, the time is now for a lot of teams and even some shocking moments!

Champions League best games this week!

The Champions League is one of the best trophies a team can win, from the World Cup to winning the league. A lot of teams don’t get an opportunity to face off in the Champions League, however, some teams now will have to restart!

UCL – Manchester City v Sevilla

This was an interesting match for everyone. Sevilla managed to get the first goal in the 31st minute and this was a great start for the Spanish team.

Manchester City was in top form this game but got unlucky with chances throughout the first half, until the 52nd minute.

One of the youngest ever players to go into the Champions League has scored on his debut in the Champions League and for his club.

The 17-year-old managed to score on his “dream” debut. Rico Lewis made the game level and from this, Manchester City went on to win 3-1.

Rico Lewis will be known as the second youngest player to score in the Champions League from now on.

Champions League Contest

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UCL – Juventus v PSG

This was the game that didn’t decide much for Juventus, however, PSG were wanting to finish in top form and top of the group.

Mbappe opened up the scoring by scoring in the 13th minute of the game but this was short-lived as Bonucci scored in the 39th minute.

Juventus on paper were the better team for finding opportunities, however, PSG was the one that took the chances better.

In the 69th minute, Nuno Mendes managed to break the deadlock and this resulted in PSG winning 2-1, this meant that they were at the joint top with Benfica.

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UCL – Liverpool v Napoli

Liverpool verse Napoli was a hard game to call for a lot of people, as the last time this happen, Liverpool lost.

This game almost went the distance with no goals, however, in the 85th minute, Mohamed Salah managed to score to break the deadlock which would ultimately win them the game!

Not only this, Darwin Nunez managed to score in the 90th+8 minute mark to make the score 2-0. Resulting in Liverpool winning and getting revenge on Napoli.

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