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Barcelona is out of the Champions League!

Barcelona is out of the Champions League!

Barcelona is now out of the Champions League after losing to Bayern Munich in the group stages! This is a shocking moment for every football fan and Barcelona fan out there. This is a moment that no one thought would happen to a massive club like Barcelona. 

Barcelona went up against Bayern Munich in the past few days. There has been a lot of issues with this team since Messi had left, however Xavi had faith.

Bayern Munich are typically a great team with great players, however there was a higher chance for some people that Barcelona would win. This didn’t happen however as Barcelona are now out of the Champions League.

The game started and within 10 minutes, Bayern Munich managed to score. Mane was the one that scored the goal but at the end of the game, it was 3-0 to Bayern Munich.

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“don’t deserve to be in the Champions League. For me it’s a failure,” Pedri stated

Barcelona are known for being one of the best teams in Europe, however recently, they have been decent in some games and awful in others.

The Champions League is one of the best trophies any football club could win, meaning that Barcelona is now on the way to going back into the Europa League.

Xavi will have some explaining to do as his team has some incredible players, however they do not work well as a team right now.

Bayern Munich will be going through into the group stages and will be making an effort to try and get into the Champions League final.

A huge chance for Mane as he recently transferred to Bayern Munich after his time over at Liverpool.

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