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PSG and Messi…

PSG and Messi…

PSG managed to sign one of the best players in the world, Messi, for a free transfer due to the issues happening at his former loyal club Barcelona. He signed and had an awful start to the season as he was new to the league and couldn’t get the hang of things at PSG and with issues with Mbappe, there is always something going to happen, however recently Messi has started to shine at PSG and has said he wants to leave, however PSG have other ideas. 

The 35 year old Argentinian footballer has been the topic of discussion after failing to adjust to the league till this season.

Messi has been seen breaking more records now at PSG just like he did at Barcelona as he broke the record for the oldest player to score 2 goals and get 2 assists in a single match in the Champions League.

PSG x Messi

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PSG has stated that they are wanting to extend the contract of Messi’s by an additional 12 months. So this would mean that the forward would stay at PSG until June 2023.

Should Messi agree?

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