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What It Feels Like to Have Covid-19

What It Feels Like to Have Covid-19

Currently the virus is everywhere, over 3,000,000 people have had this virus and over 1,000,000 have recovered from it and are here to tell the tale, however the virus in some cases are average and can be done at home, meaning the average person can stay at home and survive the virus, as for others, they are having to go into intensive care to recover from the virus and try and fight it in there. Covid-19 is the pandemic everyone is talking about, this will be in the history books, everyone’s kids will be asking, what was it like to be in a pandemic like this?

Some people with the virus.

For some people, the virus hit them while they were on holiday in either Italy, and or China. It came to Europe as soon as December, a month before we fully found out what happened. A student nurse described his experience as traumatic and wouldn’t want it back. Losing his breath when he woke up, none stop coughing and always heating up, with some fainting here and there. For others, they would run out of breath as soon as possible but had some days okay and some days where nothing was going right.

One victim of the virus was sent into intensive care, having to fight the virus with the help of some machines, saying after that he survived Covid-19 and would none stop saying it. On ITV Hub, Ross Kemp did an interview with the man that said this and came out the hospital surviving the virus.

Watch What it is like to have Covid-19 on All 4! If you are wanting to see the people who had the virus and how they coped with it.


What is the virus like with young people?

For some younger victims of the virus, they would stay at home, rest and recover within a few weeks or maybe even a week, however for Lily Burns it was difficult to fight the virus, being put into intensive care and put on all the machines to try and survive the virus. Lily Burns was known to have no underlining health issues and is now recovering from home after a “miracle” recovery. The virus was said to attack her internal organs and this is what she said to Good Morning Scotland Programme:

“I’d come home and was still feeling sick, We went to out-of-hours but they thought it was a kidney infection. A high temperature was the only coronavirus symptom I had. Because of Covid they didn’t want me going into hospital so they sent me home and told me to go to A&E if I got any worse.”

The virus for her got her frighten, due to the 50/50 chance of surviving the virus and or dying to the virus. She is now recovering at home with her family.

BBC News: Lily Burns in Intensive Care

Lily was a 21 year old healthy girl that was admitted into hospital with suspected kidney infection. The attack was from Covid-19 and that was attacking all of her internal organs.

For young people, this virus is normally fine and will harm them but younger people would normally survive the virus, however it is known to kill them and now a cure is being developed by so many scientist around the world, Italy, UK, China and much more, however click here to see a possible vaccine from Italy.

How does the virus works?

The virus is known to stay in your body and some people may not know about the virus for up to 7 days, longest is 14 days until you start getting a symptom. NHS staff are still finding new information about the virus and new symptoms of the virus, but these are the main few.

  • Contagious Cough
  • High temperature
  • Sore throat

If you have any of these symptoms you should stay at home for 14 days in case you have the virus.

Covid-19 attacks the lungs and attacks any internal organs that could cause death. Once we have a vaccine for this, we won’t be seeing this anymore, however viruses are known to develop more serious symptoms, this could develop but scientist are already working on seeing how it could develop.

NHS/HM Government

Current Stats in the UK compared to China and Italy
Country’s UK Italy China
Cases 201,101 214,457 82,885
Active Cases 170,681 93,245 295
Recovery N/A (135 LR) 93,245 77,957
Deaths 30,076 29,684 4,633


One suriviors on what it’s like to have Covid-19!

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