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Italians Claim To Have Coronavirus Vaccine

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Scientist have Italy have reportedly developed a vaccine that has the potential to kill the Coronavirus.

Takis Biotech, in Rome, are the ones developing the vaccine, which has been tested on mice so far.

The mice reportedly then produced antibodies which were later harvested by the researchers.

The teams leader, Luigi Aurisicchio has said that human trials are expected to start in Autumn.

Italian news agency ANSA reported Mr Aurisicchio said this week: ‘This is the most advanced stage of testing of a candidate vaccine created in Italy.

‘According to Spallanzani Hospital, as far as we know we are the first in the world so far to have demonstrated a neutralisation of the coronavirus by a vaccine.

‘We expect this to happen in humans too.’ 

After this, the antibodies extracted from the mice were put into a human cell and grown in a Petri dish. And, to the scientists delight, they found that the antibodies prevented the Coronavirus from taking over the cell.

But, as always with science, it’s not every this “easy” and straightforward, and there are always some skeptics.

Professor Adam Finn, of Bristol Children’s Vaccine Centre, commented on the discovery, saying: “They have a way to go before they get into human trials – they are about in the same place as most vaccines.

“Vaccines already in human trials had already done the ground work with other versions of the same vaccine or just didn’t bother.”

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