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Real or Fake? Dinosaurs in the 16th Century?

Real or Fake? Dinosaurs in the 16th Century?

For us nowadays, its hard to say what happened in the past. We go by what we are told in the history books and what’s said by scientists and in textbooks from school. For example, the black plague, no one 100% knows how it happened and how everything happened, however there are some parts of history that some people don’t understand, some that have even went as far as to think that dinosaurs still roamed the earth in the 16th century!

Real or Fake

Provided from Reddit!

This is claimed to be a photo created in the 16th century. Back then, people would normally create a picture based on what they saw and then they would paint the image, but in this image, it shows that humans used dinosaurs to ride back then? Strange thing is, a lot of scientists and more have told us that dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago and went extinct millions of years ago. Strange to think that we have been told this but now we have this new photo to show that maybe they didn’t!

The photo above has been looked at a lot, but this image is in fact… Rea… fak… unknown! Not many unknown stuff on real or fake. With this being a painting, its hard to tell if this is real or fake. Its hard to know what happened back then as no one is alive to tell the tale! So do you think that this is real? Click here for more real or fakes!

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