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After almost 30 years of creating the “best” football games and out buying other football games like Football Manager and PES, Pro Evolution Soccer. There has been some games that have tried to beat EA Sports FIFA however every year, even with some drops in sales, they still manage to be the best football game for anyone to play, however there has been news of a new football game that could be in the online stores. Similar to FIFA and eFootball, PES.

UFL has been in the makings and is set to be released some time in 2022 and could be the game that will make all FIFA fans change there opinion on EA Sports! With EA Sports being the main company creating football games, this could be the change every football gaming fan would want! It is said that this game will be released on every console and on PC in the stores, however one massive twist that may change the way everyone looks at FIFA.

This game has been said to be free! The only football game out there that could destroy FIFA as the game will be free and FIFA games are normally over £60 nowadays, meaning that some players may just go to UFL as it is the free version. Trailer linked below! For more UFL news when released, click here!

Banner and Image Credit: Shutterstock

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