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The Resident! Season 1 Episode 6!

The Resident! Season 1 Episode 6!

No matter the cost!

The episode starts with us seeing Mina in the car driving where is assumed to be home. While she walking someone tries to mug her and she fights back knocking him and takes him to the hospital.

We are then brought to Conrad and his father talking in a small diner about success. About his job and everything finding out that they haven’t talked in over a decade.

We are then brought back to Mina who is seen stitching herself back up without using any sort of pain relief.

We then get taken back Lily who has received the good news about going though bone marrow transplant to help with her cancer.

Nic then take Devon into a private room to talk about her theory against Doctor hunter. However, Devon doesn’t want to believe her.

Then the person who tired to mug Mina wakes up in an hysterical state and they had to sedate him. We then see Mina going to Nic to ask her to contact the boys parents.

We are then brought to Doctor Bell, talking about his ‘friend’  with the tremor and it suggested brain surgery.

We then get taken to Mina mugger and he was lucky because Mina decided not to get the police involved. We found out that the young boy has no one and that his life is simply a mess.

We see Nic trying to take the young boy back to his parents before Mina stops them and decides to go with them to get things straight.

We get taken back to Doctor bell, and he talking to Ceo. He has arrange a coffee with one of the best surgeon that everyone is trying to employ.

We are then brought to Lily and Devon going to her bone marrow transplant and they end up stopping and having a talk. Lily is worried about the bone marrow transplant.

We then get taken to Mina, Nic and the young boy but the mother speaks about how he isn’t welcome in the family home anymore. The father tries to help wanting to keep his son close.

We then see Mina rushing back home and we find her treating a patient at home. she had then stuff from Chastain, to treat people in her home.  Nic also noticed her passion for fashion and then begins to lecture her about treating people from her home.

Devon get a new set of results for Lily and find out if she has the transplant she will die so he rushes to save her. Devon then meets with Nic and tells about what happened and he now believes her about Doctor Hunter.

We then brought back to Conrad and his father and he want his son to run his own small hospital .


This episode was amazing we really got to find out more about Mina and how she has a big heart wanting to help as many people as possible it was truly amazing and shocking. We also learn how Dr Hunter tried to make a move to take Lily life which she shouldn’t of done.



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