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The Resident! Season 1 Episode 4!

The Resident! Season 1 Episode 4!

Identity Crisis


The episode starts off with showing a new nurse taking pictures of herself at the check in desk for the hospital and a doctor comes over to complain about her messing up, then a bunch of casualties come flying in and the hospital is over run with amount of patients, who a lot seem to be in critical condition. The doctors are seen working hard to keep everyone stable from this massive accident that we found out took place on a bus.

We then see Mina who sees the mess of what the ER has turned into she comes across a patient with a dislocated shoulder, she comes to him and pops it back into place before moving on. This then pan on a patient that seems unconscious laying on a spare bed in the ER. Devon was quick to go to him to try wake him up. They didn’t know his name. Unfortunately, he died and the nurse who admitted him didn’t do it properly and now it in tears because she is carries the weight of a death on the first day of working.

A police man has to come in to try figure out the boy who is currently dead this is because they need to inform there family of there terrible news of the boy death.

Lily’s files

Nic goes to find Dr Hunter this is so that she can have Lily’s files sent over from the doctors clinic, this is important as Nic doesn’t want to give Lily the wrong medication while she admitted into the hospital. Lily’s records from the hospital have magically disappeared it seems like which seems confusing since she is in and out of the hospital so much. Dr Hunter agrees to have her files sent over by her clinic

Love sick couple

There’s a elderly couple in and the male get’s mistaken as her husband when he actaully her boyfriend, they then tell a small story on how they both met while she is being treated. Devon is then chased down by the elderly man and explains to him how he plans to propose to his girlfriend. As at the end of the day they were both old and times files fast at that age.

The next scene shows us in the surgery room with Mina and another surgeon, she get’s the required tools ready for the next move when she is put to a very firm stop by other surgeon putting her down as a resident and that she shouldn’t be doing anything really and just observing.

The next scene it shows doctor Bell out golfing with a friend and he decided he wanted to make a bet about putting the ball, however his friend is all for it knowing that Dr Bell has a case of the yips, when his hand is twisting by that wasn’t a problem anymore .

Mina is benched

Mina comes out of surgery and it was clear to see she wasn’t happy as she didn’t get to help much in the surgery, when a new case get rushed into the ER, they rushed to get him stable and sorted. They rush and have to preform a live surgery in the ER which is against protocol however it will save the man life. Mina is fast to act and she does the surgery with great succession. The surgent who was with Mina comes to inspect her work, she still however benches her for the day.

The other doctors around find that unfair since she saved life, but Mina doesn’t fight as she does want to cut tomorrow

The next scene goes back to the elderly couple and we find out that the woman name is Shirley and unfortunately she has gallbladder cancer, however it early stages, so it is available for treatment which is important however the cancer is located at the neck of the gallbladder which means part of her liver needs removed however it is a very risky surgery.

Mina trying to get unblenched

Mina goes to Dr Bell to try scrub in on the surgery however he tell her no and say she has gotten argon and that she is too full of herself. As she mention Dr Bell success rate is better when she beside him.

Nic get Lily files

Nic takes matters into her own hands when Lily’s files are yet to come in, she decides to personally go into Doctor Hunters Clinic and get the files herself however she does go for a little snoop around and take some pictures as she has suspicions about Dr Hunter’s method in terms of treating cancer patients.

The scene goes over back to the elder couple and it took 4 hours to get the go ahead for the surgery, however the couple really want to get married so Devon arranges a small ceremony for the couple in the lobby of the hospital.

The surgery

The surgery luckily for Sherly her surgery was very successful which means for her she was able to go for a honeymoon.

The Review

This episode was very emotional it was filled with so much and was amazing, it didn’t seize to disappoint, the episode was filled with so many emotions and story it was truly enjoyable to watch, and I would highly recommend to everyone is really shows that not everyone can be saved and how some people can be lucky enough to survive anything and how life is so precious no matter what your case.


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