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The Resident! Season 1 Episode 14!

The Resident! Season 1 Episode 14!

Total Eclipse of the Heart

The episode start of with Dr Bell and Dr Hunter living up there relationship and new life style. Then we see Conrad trying to see Nic but he had to wait to see her. Then shockingly we see Mina and Mikah in bed together.

We finally see Nic get to talk to Conrad he promises her he will bail her out and stop her from losing her medical license. We then see Mikah get brought into the hospital and Mina is clearly upset and is worried.

We then see Conrad call his dad in order to get Nic out and we then see Mikah and the doctors are clearly reluctant turn out he has a small tear and Mina won’t except that she is determined to help him.

We then see Conrad talking to his dad and he paid the full bail and his dad say he’ll do anything for him and that he is lining up there future.

Nic is then rushed for help in the prison and then get told she being released and she is shocked. We then see Mina go to Dr Austin for his help wanting him to save Mikah life.

Bell then calls Dr Hunter into his office for an important chat about what Devon discovered about her mistreating patients. He decided to cover for Dr hunter and they agree to hide the mess.

We then see Lane quickly running into her clinic to grab files she needs to hide but then get stopped by the FBI and Dr Bell is standing there watching her get taken away.

Then the head lines is all about Doctor Hunter and Dr Bell gives a statement and we watch as Nic gets her job back, but Dr Bell took all the credit.

We then see Mina sitting with Mikah and she clearly upset where she even crying and she actually showing feeling which is something she never does and then Mikah waking up and he tells Mina told you we were a thing. We then see Doctor Austin looking at them and he’s clearly proud.

The Review

This episode was a whirlwind we finally watch as Dr Hunter get brought to justice and get caught out in her scandal and we watch how Mina finally get to show more and more emotions throughout it was simple amazing.



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