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Should Some Influencers Have the Title, Influencer?

Nowadays, YouTube is bigger than ever, with kids at a young age starting to post for fun with the intention of becoming big on YouTube like KSI, PewDiePie, and other famous Influencers. It’s currently getting bigger and bigger but some people on YouTube should not have the title, Influencer, due to the content they posted to get that big.

With the majority of YouTube fans being under the age of 15, it’s hard to even get noticed if the average YouTuber is not known by someone or the young fan doesn’t think they are funny, however, there are some that are objectifying Women and Men to get the views on YouTube and that is how they became big on YouTube.

Influencers on this Platform


No names will be in this of so-called Influencers objectifying this. Now, a lot of things are hard, especially YouTube, but there is one thing that will always sell on that platform, whether the fan is young or old… that is Sex. YouTubers are using this to gain branding, sell products, and more. This is not what they should be teaching the younger generation.

The most noticeable one on YouTube is How to Pick up Girls on a Beach… this is not what should be getting big on YouTube. People like Superwomen got big off their own skits and funny moments. So, should influencers that do this be called influencers?

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