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Rick and Morty Season 5 episode 4

Rick and Morty Season 5 episode 4

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 4 “Rickdependence Spray”

What can you expect from Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 4, well?

Morty is at his Mothers workplace, the Horse hospital, waiting on Beth to finish up so they can go see a movie. Morty discovers a horse breeding mount, designed to… well ill let you put two and two together.

Morty takes an interest in the machine, and they leave to go see the Movie, which Beth states to be Marvel, giving the timing of the release date we can estimate the movie would be ‘Black Widow‘.

We cut to one week later to see Rick rolling a barrel of horse semen that he had taken from Beth’s work. Morty meets him looking nervous. Rick explains that he plans to eliminate the Underground Dwelling Cannibal Horse People (Otherwise known as the CHUDs) using a bioweapon created from the horse semen. Rick, stresses the importance of testing the semen to ensure it is 100% horse semen, Morty disagrees about the testing obviously worried about the implication of his “activities” during the week.

Rick runs the barrel of semen through the machine for creating the Bioweapon at which point explodes creating a deadly race of man-eating sperm.

The Smith Family take a ride in the car to escape the killer sperm but a are soon attacked when they are saved by the army and told that the President needs to see them. After Ricks and the President’s previous dealings, he is convinced that Rick is to blame for the killer sperm. The President moves on to also suspect the Horse People that dwell underground, which is then backed up by Morty and so the President declares was against the CHUDs and introduces us to a sperm expert named Professor Shabooboo.

Professor Shabooboo believes the sperm have gathered at the Grand Canyon.



Rick and Morty are sent to the Grand Canyon to fight the killer sperm alongside a group of Marines one of which is called Blazen, the samurai wielding super marine.

Their plane is shot down by the sperm using a trebuchet, then land on earth using parachutes and Morty stumbles across a Killer Sperm trapped under a rock. the sperm recognises Morty as the source and so befriends him. Morty gives the Nickname ‘Sticky’ to the Sperm.

Blazen is shortly after killed but not before making referencing American model Kathy Ireland as his girlfriend.

It is then revealed that the killer sperm is a creation from Morty’s sperm, as the sperm flee to inseminate a giant egg from Summer, the sister of Morty.  A plan, created by Summer but credited to Professor Shabooboo.

We are also introduced to the Chuds who make peace with humans after it is discovered that Rick has impregnated their princess and they fight together to destroy the sperm.

All in all a great episode with hopefully more to ‘come’.


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