North Sentinel Island!

North Sentinel Island!

North Sentinel Island, sounds like somewhere you would take your family to, sounds like a nice holiday for everyone… It’s not! North Sentinel Island is home to a tribe that is believed to have from 40 to 400 tribe members! Many people and researchers say that this tribe is one of the most dangerous tribes to ever be alive and suggests to everyone that they shouldn’t go near the island! They are known for fighting anyone who tries to make contact with them and will stop at nothing to protect themselves from any threat they see. People normally refer to them as the Sentinelese! There haven’t been many visitors due to the fact they attack anyone that moves on the island they don’t recognize. Even if there just in a boat is a couple mile away, they will still try there best to attack! The island is apart of the Andaman Islands, also in the middle of both India and Myanmar, yet they are one of the only places to not have any modern-day houses or clothes! These are one of the only tribes that are still standing, one of the only ones ever in the world and probably the most dangerous tribe in the world! North Sentinel Island is the home to the last uncontacted people on Earth, that we know off!

Information about the Sentinelese! How it was Discovered? How they survived!

1880 was the first time the Island was discovered by an English-speaking mainlander! A ship was wrecked on the beaches of this Island, they signalled for help, but no one was coming for a few days. Suddenly… they got attacked by a tribe of people they have never seen before, but luckily, some managed to escape the Island without any injuries! Something similar happened in 1981! The crew in 1981 managed to keep the Sentinelese at bay with their modern-day weapons such as a flare gun! They kept sending out destressed signals, so they could be rescued from the island! Eventually, a helicopter managed to save them from that beach, after approximately a week! They managed to save themselves from the tribe for a week! As of right now, we can’t tell if they have lived there all their lives. We can only assume they have lived there all their lives! Many people believe that they are Cannibals due to the fact no one understands how they have managed to survive all this time with the resources they have been given, so people believe they must have been cannibals! India are currently the owners of this island and have forbidden anyone from coming to this island due to them always attacking people that step foot on that island! North Sentinel Island is by far one of the dangerous islands ever, that’s why they encourage you and have banned you from going, also because since they haven’t got any way of curing diseases, they could all potential die!

About the Tribe!

Tribes back in the day would do anything and everything to make sure their tribe is health and protected, this tribe is no different, the 40 to 400 people are all apart of one tribe by the looks of it! Which if you were to step foot on that island, you will get cornered by all of them! Every encounter we have had with them, has ended with someone getting hit with an arrow or dying to an arrow, however there is one time where we did have a friendly encounter with them, giving them gifts and showing them what we have to offer. This was quickly scraped due to us having diseases they wouldn’t know how to recover from! They haven’t managed to push their civilization since we discovered them either, they still use arrows and have no idea how to start a fire! In 2005, India had a devastating flood that saw most people fighting for their lives back, once the flood stopped, a helicopter was sent to see if the Tribe were okay. Took 10 minutes to find someone before getting shot away by them shooting arrows at the helicopter!

How they survive every day?

They are known for attacking people when they step foot on there land, so they could use whoever they kill as food, making them cannibals! This is believed to be the case since many people think this is how they are surviving in this modern-day world. If they have been there for as long as we have been living in the UK, US and other places, then they would of ran out of supplies on the island. Resorting them to having to eat people to gain anything! They would have to go hunting otherwise or catch fish in the sea! North Sentinel Island is one of the only Islands we know very little about, just like our ocean, we have only explored 5% of the ocean! This Island is no different. We can only say that they attack anyone on sight and food is a mystery to us! Unless they are Cannibals! A lot of research will be put into that island soon enough!

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