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Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds!

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds!

Minecraft is increasingly getting more and more popular due to the amount of updates that is getting released. This has resulted in many Minecraft players finding great seeds and uploading them to YouTube and or Reddit. This is my favourite seeds that I have found in general. Not for building bases and or speed runs, this is just my top pick!

All Images were taken from the TryHardGuides.com!

Top 3 Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds! (In my opinion.)

3: Woodland Mansion & Dripstone Cave Seed

This is a great seed for those who want to start off their world with a dripstone cave and woodland mansion, allowing those to be stacked to begin with! Waterfalls and small mountains allow this seed to look incredible, here is an image!

Seed: 8486214866965744170
Spawn: 165 74 -351
Woodland Mansion: 777 103 -642

Minecraft seed

Image Credit: reddit

2: Ancient City Spawn Seed

There is a big risk going into this seed, according to someone on YouTube, this is the seed that spawns you into an Ancient City, which do at your own risk! This means that you have a chance to die to a Warden! Try at your own risk!

Seed: 565535403532980236
Spawn: 162 73 12

Minecraft seed 2

Image Found: YouTube

1: Four Villages in one Spawn?

This is an odd one for those who like villages, there is 4 villages in 1 seed straight off spawn! Plenty of resources for those who like to start off at a village rather than starting off anywhere else.

Spawn: -1 4 2

Minecraft seed 3

Image Found: Reddit

For survival island seeds, click here!

Banner and Image Credit: gersamina donnichi

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